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Foundation of Technical Analysis: Building a Trading Strategy- the whole string and webinar documents

In this event of our Bi Weekly webinar on the Foundations of Technical Analysiswe dissect a Number of the installments we have been trading right into the Finish of the week/month/quarter. It is usually interesting reviewing profitable trades which proceeded well, but wearing a losing trade may be substantially more efficient drill to assess your operation and also to help identify difficulties with your own strategy.

Sometimes you are able to be right, but at the incorrect moment – bottom lineup, recent trade operation shouldn’t filter in your investigation and keeping up a goal perspective on price is essential. Following is a review the week’s operation and also a glance at everything worked, and also that which did not.

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Topics Discussed:

  • US Dollar perspective – DXY
  • The multi-timeframe approach
  • Price activity analogs
  • Candlestick Dimensions / need for daily & weekly sticks for validation
  • Impact of end-of-month/quarter flows on pre-order cost actions.
  • Review of Fibonacci principles
  • Maintaining disciple- Staying objective (large image ) despite current trade functionality
  • Trading Q&A Session

Why can the typical trader shed? Avoid these Mistakes on your trading

A review of the most recent USDC/CAD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY & GBP/USD installments published earlier this past week highlight live instances of the way we utilize our technical method to interpret an idea in a qualitative trade.

  • USD/CAD Price Analysis: Canadian Dollar on the Offensive
  • EUR/USD Price Analysis: Euro Breakdown Targets 2018 Lows
  • Weekly Technical Perspective in the Japanese Yen (USD/JPY)
  • GBP/USD Technical Outlook: Sterling Threatens Larger Price Reversal
  • US Dollar Reversal Under Review– USD Setup We’re Tracking This Week (Webinar)

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– Written by Michael Boutros, Currency Strategist using Forexnewstv

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