Dorman Trading




On-line Since: 1956
Country of origin: USA
Regulation: No
Payment options: bank transfering
Minimum account size: $3,000
Minimum lot dimensions: No
Leverage: No
Spreads: 1 pip

Dorman Trading was operating on futures markets for 50 decades. It’s among the most admired clearing businesses in the business. The broker supports many trading platforms, a number of them are created for novices, while some are employed by professional traders. The business delivers a broad selection of services for traders, such as clearing up, order allocation for supervisors, and daily reports on all trades. The broker ensures a skilled service for the clientele.

The Business Offers unlimited access to the biggest exchanges: CME Group, ICE (US and UK), CBOE Futures Exchange, Eurex, Minneapolis Grain Exchange, and Eris Exchange.

The business may execute orders via the”give them up” system in most worldwide commodity markets, for instance, European and Asian flooring.


CME Group made a risk management system which helps not just protect customers’ funds but also reduce risks to clearing FCMs affiliated with CME clearing houses.

All finance documentation of the company is regularly inspected by the financial audit department of CME Group that monitors compliance with the market standards.

Margin calls

The clearing company issues margin calls twice a day on the basis of the mark-to-market principle.

The risk management team monitors all open clients’ rankings 24 hours per day. CME Group recently upgraded its website, introducing new info for specific categories of customers.

Benefits of Dorman Trading:

  • Trading technology. The business delivers a broad selection of trading platforms.
  • Clients have access to futures and options trading from most domestic markets.
  • Dorman Trading cooperates with reputable brokers that represent the clearing firm.
  • Dorman Trading was made by traders over 50 decades back and thus the broker understands exactly what a professional trader requirements.