Even though mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum or Litecoin have gathered everyone’s attention, there is a wide range of less-known cryptos that are worth talking about. The one we are going to talk about today is called Lumen or, as it is more known, Stellar. Note, that “Stellar” is the name of the platform, while “Lumen” is the name of the token.

What is it?

Stellar is founded by a non-profit organization back in 2014. Its co-founder, Jed McCaleb also helped to develop Ripple’s protocol. Naturally, they share some similarities. However, while Ripple has its focus in cooperation with major banks, Stellar on the other hand aims to help facilitate payments between people. It also offers extremely low commissions and fast transaction execution. Here are four main reasons why it is considered to have great future:

    1. The transaction fee is around 1 cent which, basically, means that you can send money, with ultra-low overhead costs. For instance, you need to send 1000 USD to your relative in the different country. In this case, you will pay only 0.01 USD for the transaction to be processed. Now imagine the fee which your bank will take for the same transaction.
    2. Transactions occur within 2-4 seconds and it does not require a further explanation why this is a major achievement for money transfers.
    3. You are free to send 1000 USD to a person in the different country with the fee of 0.01 USD and it will arrive there within 5 seconds. Now take bank wire transfer, on the other hand, that will cost you nearly 25 bucks and take around 2-3 days to arrive.


  • Stellar has everything to top Ripple. Its speed and low fees combined with the ability to do everything that Ripple does could lead to price rising in skyrocket pace in the nearest time.


What are the predictions?

Stellar currently holds 6th place by the capitalization rate with the market cap of 4.39 billion USD. It currently costs 0.23 USD which makes it a good long-term investment. Below you can find chart prediction for XLM up to the end of the year by the website previsonibitcoin.

This website predicted that the price of the coin will only rise to 0.29 USD by December. It should be taken into the account, that this calculation relies entirely on mathematics and historical approach. As it was mentioned before, Ripple and Stellar share much similarities and their coins behave similarly on the market. Please, take a look at the charts below.

The first image describes XRP behavior in 2018, and the second one shows the same for XLM. There is a clear trend that XLM prices are often linked to half the price of XRP. It means that a potential investor should stay in touch with recent market news surrounding these two cryptos, before making the decision to invest or not.


To sum it up, Lumen coin does seem to be a good addition to your cryptocurrency portfolio. It has been around for 4 years so far and shows great potential to rise in its value within the next couple of years. A potential investor should see it as a long-term investment.