There are around 1600 cryptocurrencies available on the market nowadays. Their combined market cap is over 289 billion USD. Investors of all sorts and types are willing to purchase and sell in this rapidly evolving market. So, it is natural that eventually, we are all faced with the decision which cryptocurrency exchange should we choose to conduct our operations. These platforms allow customers to buy, sell and trade whatever crypto coin is supported by this particular exchange.

Most exchanges will allow you to buy cryptocurrency through your fiat currency like USD or EURO, or with another crypto coin. The thing is, that quite often new-launched coins are not available for purchase with your fiat currency. You will need to buy them by exchanging some mainstream coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Some exchanges are better for novice traders while some are fully equipped for full-time investors. In this article, we will review TOP 3 cryptocurrency exchanges, that are perfectly suited for both novice and experienced traders.


Coinbase deserves to name itself one of the best trading platforms. Their headquarters is located in San Francisco and it has been operating on the market since 2011. The platform has more than 13 million users now and is known for its security. It is a wallet, an exchange and trading platform all at the same time. Currently, it offers BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, and LTC for trading. Back in 2011, it was the first exchange platform to quickly gain popularity in the United States. It also has a more advanced version called Coinbase Pro which is designed for experienced traders and offers new features like trading with a greater range of cryptocurrency pairs, lower fees and simplified deposit/withdrawal process. However, note that it has higher verification requirements and thus, you will need to provide further information about yourself. It should also be mentioned that your assets are protected with the platform’s insurance.


This platform is entirely based on a crypto-to-crypto algorithm. Considered as one of the most popular exchanges ever, they will provide you with a wide offer of different altcoins. The platform supports users from all countries. What made it so special is that it offers a wide range of pairs based on Ethereum and Bitcoin against some less known crypto coins like Tronix, Dash, Cardano or EOS. The platform offers the lowest transaction fee in the entire industry – 0.1 %. The exchange also runs its own coin – BNB (Binance coin). You can even get a discount while trading with their coin. Many newly launched coins are getting listed on this platform, which makes it most valuable for future-oriented investors. Here you will be able to buy the most perspective coins like Zcash, Tron, Cardano, Dash, and others. Processing time is quite fast here – transactions take around 20 minutes to occur.


This exchange holds its well-deserved place here, mainly due to the convenience of the services which they provide. The best thing about them is that you are not asked to go through the verification process. You can set up the account with your email and start conducting business! They are praised for a simple interface that will guide you through the whole process of exchanging your assets. This platform is best suited for a novice trader. It supports more than 35 various crypto coins and charges a commission of only 0.5 % for each trade. Among the supported coins are both major ones like BTC, ETH or LTC, and popular minor coins like Monero, EOS, NEO, Dash etc. This platform will let you buy Bitcoin or other cryptos with nothing more than your credit/debit card. It takes 5-30 minutes for transactions to be processed here. Once the platform receives your funds they will confirm it via email. There is no limit specified on the number of crypto coins that you are able to exchange. To sum it up, this platform is your best choice if you want to trade one cryptocurrency to another without any additional headache.